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HACKED?  (5/23/21)

**If you search for Vire'sali Naturals, please be aware there seems to be a "pirate" site that has taken my pictures and info and incorporated them into a "health and beauty, nail etc." site.  DO NOT BUY MY PRODUCTS FROM THAT SITE.!!!!  IT IS NOT ME

Vire'sali Naturals is a local, homebased business since 2012.  I handcraft all my products, including the wooden displays!! 

My products include cold and hot process soap in three sizes.  I wrap the bars in attractive fabrics and brown paper, tied with jute and colorful raffia twine.  Each bar is tagged with my signature. 

I also craft:  Beeswax lip and body balms, sugar scrubs, wooden soap racks, and crocheted wash clothes. 

Gift packages and party favors are also available.


I have been involved as a vendor at juried craft fairs, fall and holiday festivals for over 6 years.  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of community events and always look forward to meeting new people. I receive new and follow-up orders for my products through email, and Facebook.

How did I get my name?

Vire'sali Naturals is a "family" name!  I put the first two letters of my name and my daughter/daughter-in-laws names together. (Vivian, Rebecca, Sara, LIndsay, and Lisa.) Along with being a special part of my life they continue to inspire me in my soap making 

My Signature Bars and Signature Minis are wrapped in brown paper, tied with colorful raffia cord.  The Shea-sation Bars are enclosed in attractive fabrics, tied with jute cord, and my Spotlight Bars shine brightly through a clear wrapper.  I offer so many sizes, wrappings and scents; there is always something for everyone!

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